Top 10 Most Advance Useful websites for Students

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in this article we are talk about Most advance Useful Websites That You Wish You Knew Earlier 

this websites are very useful for u 
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Here is below most uselful website pls read and comment us below the post

  • अगर आप इसे हिन्दी मे पढ़ना चाहते हैं तो यहा पर क्लिक करे – हिन्दी Version 

1. : 
                                        just check off what’s in your fridge, and the websites
will spit out a bunch of recipies You Can Make.

                                   a great site for students , it sloves algebra, calculas, and even chemistry problems.

                                    if you live on the road , this could be useful . And Yes , It is exactly what it sounds Like 

                              You can listen to radio stations anywhere in the world . only on this website . and it is 3d states radio station online . this is one of the world best amazing Websites in It

                                   =: Find archived version of website from years ago. Also , on You can Find a lot of other Good Stuff Like books, Movies, etc

                         :- This SIte Will Quickly Summarize the main points of what is in the Terms of service for numerous wesbites

                              This website will calculated the best times for you to fall asleep so that you don’t wake up in the middle of a sleep cycle.

                                          listen to people’s voice from all over the world 
                             Generates automatic Background Noise to Help You While You Study And Work .

                                      this website is very useful for students and every creative minded person . this website is increases your knowledge . this is website supports in hindi

also read 6 simple Health Tips :

  1. . Don’t Take Your Medicine With Cold Water.
  2.  Don’t eat big meals After 5pm
  3.  drink more water in the morning
  4.  Best Sleeping Time Is 10pm to 4am.
  5. don’t lie Down after A big Meals .
  6. Answer Calls From Your Left ear { beacuse your mind as far conpare with right ear }

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